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Maintenance, Security, Backups & Support for your WordPress Install

Want to avoid getting hacked? Keep your website up-to-date!

Hackers target out-of-date WordPress software and plugins. Their bots can scan your site for old versions with known security issues. If you’re not running the newest, fixed versions, it’s Open Sesame for hacking!

Getting hacked is no fun! Think hours or days of downtime—lost clients, expensive repairs, and headaches galore. Plus a plummet in search-engine standings if Google blacklists your hacked website.

  • Reduce the risk of being hacked
  • Apply updates when they are released
  • Run the latest version of the WordPress core, your plugins and themes

No time for updating your site? No worries! We’ll do it for you!

Codemenschen provides the essential maintenance and security measures that every WordPress website requires on a real-time, daily, and weekly basis in order to keep your site healthy, optimized, and fully-secure.

  • Very Low Monthly Price
  • Keep WordPress software and all plugins updated
  • Perform a full backup of your site every week
  • Restore your site in case of hacking
  • General System Maintenance
  • Provide a monthly report of your site activity

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