Why You Should Use Plugin Gift Cards to sell?

Giftcard plugin (Giftcards and Packages) by codmenschen is a great way to attract new customers to your WooCommerce store. Some of the following benefits:

• Brings in new customers and new orders.
• Improves customer retention
• Seasonal sale booster with scheduled delivery
• Reduces the risk of physical theft
• Enables customer engagement
• Purchased/Gifted at customer’s convenience
• Increases customer loyalty
• Used for promotional Campaigns
• Easy stock clearance
• Improved cash flow


When you sell Giftcards, it increases the value of your brand because your customers find it easier to buy Giftcards for any occasion than to choose between products. It helps improve your sales by selling and accepting WooCommerce Giftcards. The issue of WooCommerce digital cards will increase your revenue. By selling gift cards and gift certificates at your store, it gives you a global reach through a word of mouth strategy.


You will also experience great brand exposure.


Providing a modern and useful interface to build the perfect Giftcards. With creativity and professionalism from designers, the Giftcards Plugin (Giftcards and Packages) by Codemenschen always update the Giftcards page layout to ensure a more modern interfaces and a useful experience for your customers.


In addition, setting up many diverse templates, styles. Many themed categories of gift card images: Christmas, Birthday, Spa, anniversaries, etc. You can Customize GiftCards has never been so quickly and easily.

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