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1. Install the plugin in your Joomla platform: add the .zip file you have downloaded in the joomla plugins directory. You can also achieve the same result using upload Joomla to the Zip file.


2. You can also install plugin from the Folder


3.You can Install From URL



1.Gift items: This page is displaying the list of Gift Item


      – Items: here you can add details of the Gift Item such as enable, title, description, price, image, category


2.Gift Item Category  – This page is displaying the list of category for Gift Item


  – Category: here you can add details of the category such as description,…


– Options: here you can add layout ,upload images ,all text .


    – Publish: here you can add different filed like Created Date, Modified Date,Meta Description all


      – Permission: in this page you can see how you can here Manage the permission settings for the user groups below. See notes at the bottom.


3.Order: This page is displaying the list of Order


4.Gift setting: This page will show how to Setting Gift Items and Gift Voucher


5.Template: this page will show list of Voucher Gift Card and you can add details such as enable, title, voucher style, price, image

Plugin Setting

1. General settings

  • Can customers choose voucher styles- If enabled, then customers can choose the voucher styles from the below-given voucher styles.
  • Voucher style – Choose the voucher – style from available three styles. For viewing the three styles click on the slide links.
  • Company Name/ Currency code/ Currency symbol/ Currency position- Enter the company’s name along with currency details accepted by the company
  • Voucher background colour / Voucher text colour- Choose a colour of your choice from the colour palette. These colours will be applied to voucher booking forms as Background color. You can choose different color for “Border & Button Color”.
  • Template column- Set the number of templates you want your customers to see in a single row
  • Minimum voucher value- Assign a minimum price value that must be used by the buyer/recipient
  • Maximum voucher value- Assign maximum price value to the voucher
  • Add expiry in voucher – enable to add expiry date on voucher’s
  • Voucher expiry date/type- You can allot a fixed date or provide certain limitation of days for the voucher to be used within the allotted period before the expiry
  • Expiry date format – Select your custom expiry date format
  • Hide price from voucher – Hide/show price from pdf vouchers
  • Add your custom demo image- This image will be used if no specific image is selected for the voucher template
  • Hide price from Items – Hide/show price from pdf gift item
  • Add your custom demo image- This image will be used if no specific image is selected for the Gift Item
  • Terms and condition checkbox text / Voucher Terms Note – Write your custom content for the frontend gift voucher form
  • Buying for – Give customer option to buy for someelse or yourself or both
  • Post shipping- Enable this option if you wish to send the purchased vouchers to your buyers/recipients by post
  • Shipping Method for Post Shipping- Enter the shipping charges along with the name of the shipping delivery merchant in the same manner as given in the sample
  • Voucher preview Button – If enable then preview button will show in the voucher booking forms
  • Change PDF Save Option – This you can enable if pdf is not creating correctly or giving error. (This option works for some hostings because of PHP configuration)
  • Add your custom loader URL- You can upload the URL of page loader of your choice
  • Successful page message- Type the text that to be shown to the buyers after they make a successful payment
  • Order cancellation message- Type the text that will be shown to buyers when they cancel their orders
  • Website/email- Contact of the company to be printed on the pdf footer of the voucher purchased
  • Left side Voucher notice

2.Payment settings

  • Paypal enable – If this payment method is enabled then it will be shown on the voucher booking form
  • Paypal email – Enter the reference email given in the company’s PayPal account
  • Paypal test mode – You can enable the sandbox option for test payments.
  • PayPal Client ID  – Credentials will be different for both Test mode and Live mode.Read the documentation of how to create PayPal live client ID.Click Here
  • Stripe enable – If this payment method is enabled then it will be shown on the voucher booking form
  • Stripe Ideal
  • Stripe Text – This will show on frontend Form
  • Stripe publishable key – Collect the publishable API key after click here. Click Here
  • Stripe secret key – Collect the Secret API key from below link.Click Here
  • Stripe Webhook URL
  • Stripe Webhook Signing secret key – Collect the Webhook Signing secret key from below link.Click Here
  • Stripe checkout page – This page is automatically created for you when you enable stripe payment method.
  • Sofort enable – If this payment method is enabled then it will be shown on the voucher booking form
  • Sofort configuration key – Enter your existing configuration key. You can create a new configuration key only by creating a new gateway project in your account at
  • Reason for Payment Reason for payment from Sofort.
  • Bank Transfer Enable – With this payment method user don’t have to pay immediately, They can directly transfer amount to your bank.
  • Send Direct Mail
  • Bank details – These details will be shown to the buyer only if selection per invoice option is chosen for placement of order. The details will subsequently appear on successful order placement

 3.Email settings

  • Sender name/email – Enter the name and email address of the company. If you are receiving the emails in your spam folder then kindly check and use your domain associated email address.
  • Send Customer Receipt – If enable, receipt will send to buyer.
  • Buyer email subject/email body- Enter the subject and body of the email to be sent to the buyer. (Sample is given)
  • Buyer email body for bank transfer- You can view the sample is given for reference email body for payment per invoice
  • Recipient email subject/body- If the buyer wants to gift the voucher to another recipient, then enter text in this type box (Sample is given)
  • Admin email subject/body- Enter the text that admin will receive whenever a voucher is purchased (Sample is given)

4.Custom CSS

Change log

=Version 2.0.8=

  • Fixed Gift Voucher page

=Version 2.0.7=

  • Fixed bugs and improvement

=Version 2.0.6=

  • Fixed Paypal issue

=Version 2.0.5=

  • Fixed function Price format
  • Fixed issue choose template

=Version 2.0.4=

  • Fix bug payment stripe on gift voucher

=Version 2.0.3=

  • Fix Setting
  • Fix bug payment setting

=Version 2.0.2=

  • Fix bug when installing with PHP version 7 and above

=Version 2.0.0=

  • Update new interface
  • Update feature add coupons templates

=Version 1.1.1=

  • Source code optimizations

=Version 1.1.0=

  • JEM update function
  • Installation process optimized

=Version 1.0=

  • With this payment method, the order is transmitted as a SEPA direct debit

Feature Version

We are working on basic plugin settings which includes payment settings, basic plugin settings, security settings and many more to come very soon according to client requirement.

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