Is FaceApp OK to use?

In recent times, companies have begun to use biometric authentication to secure access to smartphone applications in their work. Global research and consulting firms have begun to use biometric authentication through mobile applications in 2022. More and more enterprise companies are turning to biometric technologies such as facial recognition to Identity and access management on various devices.


                                       Through facial recognition system, by Codemenschen will provide customers with the following benefits:


  • Easy to use:

Face recognition system from  offers some quicker customization than traditional passwords. With the development of the times, the facial recognition system can replace passwords in the future.  Face app by Codemenschen is a prime example of such an alternative, Faceapp can replace the customer with a password, Face recognition option is especially interesting. It will be unlocked instantly and you can’t fool it with a photo or even a 3-D model of your head, because the Intel RealSense camera it claims includes infrared and 3- D.



  • Fraud Prevention


Social evils are increasing, identity fraud is still a big problem. Therefore, businesses want solutions to improve the authenticity, security of customers and less negative impacts on users. Face app- facial recognition system from  is where companies take measures to combat identity fraud and ensure the safety of customers.


  • New experiences from your customers, employees

The facial recognition system can simultaneously improve security and effectively improve the user experience. Face recognition through intelligent application helps business owners manage the company best, with high consistency and simplicity in technical aspect. From there, it helps increase trust, balance and responsibility between the company and your customers and employees.



For these reasons above,  Face recognition from  feature has improved security and experience for their customers. In order to control access to intelligent work applications, facial recognition is being used more and more and delivering benefits that are needed by everyone.

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