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Innovative and fresh digital services from a very agile web development agency. We develop, create and support for small and larger online businesses.

  • Websites development
  • Wordpress development
  • The Pipeline
  • 24/7 support through Tool Box, a very innovative app
  • iOS and Android-App development
  • Plugin development
  • Laravel Development

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Fast response time

How can we work together?

Due to the growing amount of new clients we have set out a very efficient ticket system: the Pipeline. We offer a 24 hour support the whole year long. Yes, you understood it just right! We are available 24/7 to answer possible questions, to tackle potential problems and to clear up your doubts. We guarantee you immediate feedbacks, quick reaction time and agile solutions (based on the complexity of the issue).

1. Download & Install

Download and install the tool to test its efficiency! Although on the market there are already similar softwares, the majority is really not so easy to manage as the Pipeline. Our system is very customer-friendly and has a high usability! For example when you register, you will be asked to fill in only very few details, without need to complete several fields. It has never been so easy!

Download & Install
2. Describe your problem by opening a task

In a second step you have to simply insert a task. The tool even gives you the possibility to send an audio-message or a short video, making the communication smoother and more direct. Obviously you can still send us an email too, if you wish so. The more information we receive, the easiest it gets for us to understand the problem right away without need to ask for further details. That is why we always suggest to add screenshots, as they show right away the problem.

3. We contact you back asap

As soon as we visualize your task and analyze the problem we will get in contact with you right away. Whether to inform you about the provided solution or to ask further questions in order to better understand and solve the problem.


– Codemenschen Kanban Task System


After you have opened a task and described your problem, you get an email, where we inform you about the resolution process: the amount of hours we will probably need to solve your issue and further details. At this point it is up to you to decide if you want us to work on the problem or if you prefer to cancel your booking

Yon want to be informed about the current status of the resolution process? By simply clicking on the status feature, you get it right away! By using a further function, the commenting feature, you can even directly communicate with us. If you would like to leave us a feedback, it is also possible! By clicking on the smiley you think is more suitable you let us know your degree of satisfaction. In case of a very negative feedback, this will be automatically delivered directly to the CEO, Patrick Fuchshofer. Thanks to an App that you can comfortably download on your phone it is really possible to get all the updates you wish! Nothing more easy to manage than that, right?

  • a ticket system that works 24/7 all over the year
  • a fair, flexible and very convenient price model
  • a particularly agile and efficient resolution process
  • a direct communication and a constant availability
  • open and assign tasks
  • approve or cancel your booking by email
  • send and receive a feedback
  • commenting and brainstorming ideas



Or straingth from your WordPress Back-end

Our pricing model is particularly convenient! And easy to explain: the more hours you book, the cheaper the price gets! The price category changes according to the amount of hours needed to solve an issue. The more time you need the less you pay!

If you are interested in the 365/24-hour model we have a very special deal to offer: you can pay a fix amount per month (49,- €). This is an extra service that allows you to activate this special function in the Kanban. Our experience in the field shows us that such a model is highly convenient in emergency situations. That is why it is particularly conceived for those who really need to avoid bad surprises at the very last minute!

  • very fair and flexible pricing model
  • USP price (unique selling proposition)
  • 365/24 hour-model is an extra package
  • Send & Receive Feedback
  • Assign Tasks
  • Brainstorm Ideas



24/7 Support right from your smartphone

Are you tired of spending your time choosing the more suitable software developer on several freelancer-portals? You do not need to worry anymore! We depersonalize the whole software development process and we make it freely scalable for you!

In this way you can open a task without worrying who is working on it. Essential is that the task gets done and not who is in charge of it. Within this system your software projects is constantly monitored and documented without you noticing a difference in case, for example, the same developer is not available.

In the background we invest an immense work to train the staff, to keep it up-to date and to reward it. Unlike many freelancer portals you do not have to decide yourself who you would like to work on your project with the risk to be unfairly treated by paying a very high amount of money by the end of the project.

  • Send & Receive Feedback
  • Assign Tasks
  • Brainstorm Ideas
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