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General settings

  • WooCommerce- Enable this option for WooCommerce. If enabled, then customers can redeem their vouchers on WooCommerce checkout
  • Can customers choose voucher styles- If enabled, then customers can choose the voucher styles from the below-given voucher styles.
  • Voucher style – Choose the voucher-style from available three styles. For viewing the three styles click on the slide links.
  • Company Name/ Currency code/ Currency symbol/ Currency position- Enter the company’s name along with currency details accepted by the company
  • Voucher background colour and Voucher text colour- Choose a colour of your choice from the colour palette. These colours will be applied to voucher booking forms.
  • Template column- Set the number of templates you want your customers to see in a single row
  • Minimum voucher value- Assign a minimum price value that must be used by the buyer/recipient
  • Maximum voucher value- Assign maximum price value to the voucher
  • Voucher expiry date/type- You can allot a fixed date or provide certain limitation of days for the voucher to be used within the allotted period before the expiry
  • Terms and condition checkbox- Write the terms and condition according to the requirements
  • Post shipping- Enable this option if you wish to send the purchased vouchers to your buyers/recipients by post
  • Post shipping charges- Enter the shipping charges along with the name of the shipping delivery merchant in the same manner as given in the sample
  • Add your custom demo image- This image will be used if no specific image is selected for the voucher template
  • Add your custom loader URL- You can upload the URL of page loader of your choice
  • Successful page message- Type the text that to be shown to the buyers after they make a successful payment
  • Order cancellation message- Type the text that will be shown to buyers when they cancel their orders
  • Website/email- Contact of the company to be printed on the pdf footer of the voucher purchased
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