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= Installation instructions
1. Unzip the downloaded plugin zip file.
2. Upload the plugin folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress site.
3. Activate Gift Voucher from the plugins page.

Gift Voucher will add a new tab called ‘Settings’ in ‘Gift Voucher’ menu item. There you will find quick access to the plugin settings page.

= Can I share the gift card?

It can be shared to recipient’s email address in PDF format

= Is multiple website licensing available for premium version?

We provide two kinds of licensing
* Single website licensing at $19
* Unlimited website licensing at $34

= Is there any limit to usage under free version?

Up to 10 gift vouchers/templates can be used under free version. In the premium version, you can avail unlimited vouchers.

= Which format will be used in coupon codes?

The plugin will auto-generate a 16 digit unique code and it will be sent as a pdf format to the recipient’s billing email address.

= Can the voucher be sent as a postal delivery?

Yes, this plugin provides a postal delivery option.

= Can I customize the email that is sent?

Yes, admin can customize the email template for customers and himself.

= What happens if the customers spend less than the total voucher value?

Customers can view the voucher balance from ‘ My accounts” page and use the remaining amount later on.

= How do we receive voucher codes?

The voucher codes are sent on recipient’s email address.

= Does it work with Multisite WordPress Environment?

Yes, This plugin will work.

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