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Setting the AWS Region

You should set a default AWS Region that will be used for accessing AWS services with the AWS SDK for Java. For the best network performance, choose a region that’s geographically close to you (or to your customers). For a list of regions for each service, see here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/rande.html (Regions and Endpoints)  in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.

You can use similar techniques to setting credentials to set your default AWS region:

  • Set the AWS Region in the AWS config file on your local system, located at:
  • ~/.aws/config on Linux, macOS, or Unix
  • C:\Users\USERNAME\.aws\config on Windows

+ This file should contain lines in the following format:

region = your_aws_region

Substitute your desired AWS Region (for example, “us-west-2”) for your_aws_region.

  • Set the AWS_REGION environment variable.

On Linux, macOS, or Unix, use export:

export AWS_REGION=your_aws_region

On Windows, use set :

set AWS_REGION=your_aws_region

Where your_aws_region is the desired AWS Region name

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