WP Virtual Room Configurator

Let’s give your customers a fantastic Virtual Room using WP Virtual Room Configurator. This is one of the best-selling and popular items on WooCommerce used by a number of bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

This WP Virtual Room Configurator by Codemenschen allows the visitors to go to virtual rooms on your website where your users can configure virtual rooms directly with their included devices and get them excited, especially it helps you increase the level of compatibility. sales partners and sales quickly.. and getting them excited, especially it helps you increase your sales engagement and sales volume quickly.


This unique WordPress plugin adds a virtual room on your website, where your users can configure the virtual room directly with included devices.
Easy to add the highlightable areas of your image –and easy to edit the devices/images late too.

Why Use WP Virtual Room Configurator?


WP Virtual Room Configurator by Codemenschen give you a Virtual Room with high quality, easy to use. It is suitable for all the essentials, uses 360 panoramas to create a fantastic quality Virtual Room for WordPress without any hassle. This Plugin very simple and professional, even without any technical expertise.



 WP Virtual Room Configurator offers an interactive reality Room with multiple scenes combined with creating attractive Hotspots

With the Virtual Room, you can easily add multiple 360-degree images, architect, furniture, brightness adjustment, plant, lights, etc. In addition, you can put information hotpots on each scene if you want. Multiple hotspots type information on each scene to display additional information about each image or 360-degree scene.

You can customize the hotspots, assign colors, activities, icons, symbols to make them more beautiful. You can set these in the content on hover field or content on click field.
WP Virtual Room Configurator offers you over 500 custom icons for you to select and explore. Viewers can click hotspots to scroll back and forth between images.
It’s great, click here (https://www.codemenschen.at/plugins/wp-virtual-room-configurator/) to purchase now.


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